7 Linkedin Alternatives You should know


This blog will clearly explain LinkedIn alternatives. We all know what LinkedIn is, and we also know its usage. Now LinkedIn has grown more with 610 million users from 200 countries, and it builds many connections among those 610 million people. But with that growth, I have personally observed two drawbacks. One is that our feed is not reaching effectively and taking more time for reachability, and it is because many people are earlier with sufficient experiences, connections, and backgrounds. Another thing that I observed is spammers who unnecessarily DM us to buy that, or you can sell that.

Definitely, most of you get frustrated with those two drawbacks, and you may search for alternatives. If yes, this particular personal experience blog will help you more. Also, my humble request is to use LinkedIn along with below mentioned alternatives for the best results.

Top 7 Linkedin Alternatives You should know

Linkedin Alternatives #1. AngelList:


AngelList is one of the Linkedin Alternatives mainly useful for those who really want to invest in a startup business. Initially, it started with a mailing list and later started a website for investors. After a certain period, it became a community for people, especially those who work in technology, firms, venture capital companies, startups, and technology. Now nearly 7 million visitors are reaching it. So if you’re one who loves to invest, better use it now. Also, you can search for different companies’ growth and list jobs.

2 Opportunity:

Alternatives to linkedin

Opportunity is one of the best Alternatives to Linkedin. You can easily and fastly connect to your relevant people through this platform. It is more beneficial as it functions globally, and you can easily generate leads and fastly know about current openings. This platform is available for free and paid subscription. If you take a paid subscription, you can have additional features like getting global network chances and global notifications.

3 Meetup:


Another Linkedin Alternative is “Meetup.” If you usually conduct seminars, meeting these platforms helps you a lot. Scott Heiferman was the founder of meetup in 2002. Initially, it only allowed people to create and host events, and register for local events. Also, you can easily find related community people, and fastly you can join events with them.

4 Sumry:

Top Linkedin Alternative

Sumry is the best Linkedin Alternative and works very similar to LinkedIn. You can upload your resume, certificates, skills, etc., and also have a more high chance of getting a job.

 We all know “first impression is the best impression.” So if you want to be a first impression person to get a job, then try “Sumry” as it easily makes you the first impression person. It also allows you to keep testimonials and certificates.

 It also gives you an advantage if you take a paid subscription. You can introduce yourself to others before submitting your resume. Once you are ready for submission, it makes your work easy with a single click with a link to your profile. Also, a PDF of your resume.

5 . Jobcase:

Best linkedin Alternative

Jobcase is Linkedin Alternatives has the finest features along with combinations of different social media platforms. It was designed in 2002, especially for new generation people with advanced and valuable tools for career success. Usually, 75 million people reach it every day. There is plenty of chance to connect with people and select your desired job. Even you can join your community groups and also participate in discussions.

It also provides two types of services. It means you can able to find the job and you can able to offer the job.

6 Hired:

Linkedin Alternative

Hired is one of the best Linkedin Alternatives and one of the best places to find the best job. You can easily connect with more people who are relevant to your sector or industry.

7 Xing:

Alternative to Linkedin

The Xing platform is an Alternative to LinkedIn, especially for all German speakers. It is one of Germany’s best and most popular websites with 10.1 million users, 900,000 users from Switzerland, and 800,000 users from Austria. Also, 12 million registered members, especially from Europe.

German speakers aren’t the target audience for this platform but all members from all over the world, especially those who speak many languages.

So through Xing, you can connect with many other business professionals, find different job opportunities, information about your sector’s conventions, various seminars, and training courses. It’s the best platform if you’re looking for a LinkedIn alternative.


Finally, choose the one mentioned above if you are looking for  Linkedin Alternatives. Hopefully, I wish you all get the best chance with one of those above-mentioned alternatives to LinkedIn. My best suggestion is that choose a platform based on your needs. Suppose you are a person who conducts meetings better to select the “meetup” platform than the “job case.” I think Post For Success team helped you.


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