Future OF SEO: Podcasts and Voice Search


Technology is changing daily, and voice search and podcasts are an important part of the technology change. Users can more easily perform searches using voice search instead of typing a lot. It has gotten easier while also becoming more engaging for the users and enabling more frequent searches.

In contrast, podcasts are collections of recorded programs that are played back one after another allowing users to get specific content on any subject or topic.

This voice search technology is available on almost all devices today, making it easier for all users to take advantage of such a technology. 

What is Google Voice Search?

Google Voice Search

Voice search is the voice command given by the users to the search engine with the focus keyword for which the user is performing the search. 

Voice searches have improved user experience and a higher approach to the search engine. 

The SEO specialists should make regular changes according to the keywords and technologies as the users are using more voice searches, which may not be including the same keyword that websites are using in their content. 

What is Podcast?


The creation and delivery of audio files using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to users’ computers are known as podcasting. Users can then listen to these files on their smartphones or digital music and multimedia players like iPods by uploading them to streaming services. They might discuss a range of subjects.

Podcasts can also be hosted on or embedded in websites, allowing for streaming or downloading, in addition to RSS.

Users can download podcasts to their computers or mobile devices as a collection of previously recorded talk radio programs. Episodes from podcasts are frequently released regularly.

A podcast can be of any style, length, or format. They might discuss a range of subjects.

Importance Of Voice Search?

Voice search has become a very important part of the day-to-day Google search process. Below are the most important factors of why businesses should use voice search:

  1. Boost Your Local Traffic

Users usually use local words to do voice searches. For example, someone wanting to visit a restaurant would most probably be searching for a restaurant near me. Businesses who would be using voice search optimization can easily boost local traffic. Voice search optimization is a fantastic method to boost local traffic. 

2. Increase e-commerce Sales

Users are mostly doing voice searches when they what to buy something. Suppose you use voice search optimization for your business. Your products and services will be visible to the users doing voice searches. This will boost sales and increase revenue. 

3. Stand Out From Others

Many businesses may not be using voice search optimization techniques to boost the overall performance of their business. Therefore it is the right time for you to take first mover advantage over other companies and brands to boost brand recognition and awareness.

Maybe your competitor is not using the voice search technique, so you can move ahead of your competitor by using the voice search optimization method to increase brand awareness. 

4. Improve Brand Awareness

Whatever type of business you have, whether it’s product or services based. You can do voice optimization for your brand or website to be visible every time when a user performs a voice search.

If your business is available in voice search, it will increase brand awareness and recognition as a large audience can see you on the search result page when using voice search. 

What importance Of Podcasts?

  1. Plays An Integral Part In Digital Marketing

A lot of companies have started using podcasts to do digital marketing and increase awareness about the products and services among users. A Podcast is a versatile platform to advertise any goods and services as there is a huge podcast audience. 

2. Maintain A Direct Relationship With The Users

Since podcasts are audio-based programs, users listen to these audio clips more carefully. It becomes easy for the speaker to convenience the audience who are listing to the audio. The speakers use voice modulations to emphasize important points. 

3. Reach The Audience Anywhere At Any Time

Podcasts are extremely wonderful as they can reach a large audience at any time and anywhere. Some of the best platforms to hear podcasts are iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc. Audiences can hear podcasts while driving, going to the office, doing odd household jobs, etc. 

4. Boosts Sales And Brand Awareness

Podcasts have the ability to reach a large audience which it becomes easier to boost brand awareness and recognition and also increase sales. We now already know that a lot of users listen to podcasts, and therefore, it becomes easier to convenient for them to buy goods and services by building trust by providing professional podcasts. 

5. Drive Traffic To Other Platforms:

Podcasts help you to boost traffic to other platforms. Your podcasts should include your website name, Instagram account, Facebook account, etc. This will help you to drive traffic or internet users to your social media platform, which will increase your social media followers. 

Benefits Of Using Voice Search?

Some of the benefits of using voice search are:

  • Easy for the users to do searches.
  • The users do more frequent searches.
  • Voice search also saves the users time in writing the query.
  • Support multilingual

Benefits Of Using Podcasts?

The following are some advantages of using podcasts:

  • It is easy to create podcasts with a microphone, audio software, and an internet connection. 
  • Good marketing tool
  • It is free from all regulations.
  • There is no specific length for the podcasts. 


As we have explained to you above, the various importance and benefits of using podcasts and voice search. It must be clear to you how it can be an active part of SEO strategy in the near future. Voice search and podcasts are completely different concepts; still, they are part of modern technology and can play an essential role in digital marketing


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