Fanfix: What is it? And How it benefits creators?


In this new era of content creators, the new generation audience is always searching for new ways where they can support their favourite content in all possible ways.

One such kind of app which will help in building a healthy relationship between the audience and the online creators is FanFix.

What is FanFix?

Fanfix was founded in 2020 and was started as a small start-up and emerged successfully. It is created as an alternative to Patreon i.e., a subscription-based social media platform. The founders of the FanFix app are Cameron Dallas and Harry Gestetner. The main motive behind developing this platform is to promote social media, content creators.

Here, you may have a question as there are many social media platforms for online content creators. But one unique feature of this app that differentiates it from others is that it aims for more than just providing a platform for content creators. 


FanFix app :

The startup business FanFix started this app on 26th October 2021. During the launch of the app, there was a BIG QUESTION about why FANFix among all then, Harry Gestetner the CEO of Fanfix. He stated that “this FANfix is disrupting the power of all other big social media platforms which gain popularity and money via the content creators who are actually making those platforms successful.

We give creators a way to earn money doing what they love and give the audience an exclusive and premium experience with their favourite creators. By bringing this FANfix to Koji’s App store, we are making it easy for creators to promote and publish exclusive content across their social media accounts and reach even more to their fans cum audience”.

Here you got to know about what is FANFix, let’s go a little deep and learn what is in FANfixapp.

What is FANFix App?

As mentioned above, the FANFix app is a platform for creators to post their posts. This app is not just a space for expressing talents as online content creators but also a platform to earn from their creations.

This app is launched on Koji, making it more attractive and easier for content creators. Koji is one of the world’s powerful bio-platforms where there are hundreds of free apps. The value of the app has been increased when launched on Koji’s app.


As you now understand what the FANFix app is, let’s look at some of its features:

  1. It is a premium-based subscription platform.
  2. Provides access to exclusive content.
  3. This app lets users support their favourite content creators.
  4. It allows creators to monetize from their creations and followers
  5. Users can upload blogs, photos and videos.

How it is beneficial to the content creators :

Despite the fact that there are various platforms available for content providers. Fanfix assists them in making money online through their subtle labour. Many of the other platforms that are being used by these content creators are not beneficial to them. As the platforms that they are using are becoming more and more popular with the public. While being detrimental to the growth of the content creators.

Instead, Fanfix can be used as a platform to generate income by posting content that is popular with their audience and by building a wall of subscriptions that may start at $5 or more depending on how well-known the creator is. This will allow online content creators to make money from followers who choose to subscribe.

How can we download Fanfix:


This app doesn’t currently have an app on the iOS App Store, nor the Google Play Store on Android. There isn’t much mention of whether a devoted app is coming soon or even in the works; however, there is a way to make an app on your home screen for it using a backdoor method.

To do it, head to on your phone’s internet browser. On Android devices, tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner, then select Add to Home Screen from the dropdown menu. Type in a name that you want to add for the shortcut, then select Add, then Add again. On iOS, select the share icon on the bottom of the screen, then Add to Home Screen. Type in the name you want for the shortcut and then select Add in the top right corner.

Conclusion :

After conducting an extensive study, the Post For Success team is here to give you information on FanFix and its application. We do not endorse any platforms for online content creators, but we do provide information on the numerous platforms that can be useful to online content creators.


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