Top 7 online course platforms for Creators in 2023


The E-learning management system is grabbing a lot of attention from people. It is even more flexible than offline methods. With the demand for online course platforms, people feel confused about choosing the best online Course Platforms for both teaching and learning. So through this blog, I will help you pick one of the best online course platforms in 2023.

The following few are the preferable Online Course Platforms. Also, I will provide clear information about them so that you can easily and quickly select one of the useful and Top Online Course Platforms.

Top 7 Online Course Platforms for Creators

1. FreshLearn

Online Course Platforms

FreshLearn is the Top Online Course Platform as it has the goal of empowering its creators. It helps quickly and makes you feel comfortable selling and creating the course in less than 60 minutes. Drag and drop feature, fast solutions for the problem and friendly customer support attracted more audience to engage with them.

The important thing is its pricing makes the people talk more positively than their own publicity. Also, the whole platform is designed in a way that a zero-knowledge person can also handle. It gives you joy by giving you full control of access to yourself.

FreshLearn is the only platform where you can now build and launch your own branded paid masterclasses. Yes, you will not find it on any other platform yet. Obviously, Fresh LMS is the Best Online Course Platform due to its uniqueness.

Now let’s see the pros of FreshLearn:

Pros of FreshLearn:

  • It provides limitless courses to its learners
  • Even its pricing is very low as they are offering lifespan.
  • You can relax without tension due to the best 24/7 support team. (Award-winning customer support)
  • They provide updates very quickly and are very transparent.
  • One of the best features of FreshLearn is that it connects with every audience.

FreshLearn offers a lifetime pricing plan. Zero transaction fee till you make $5000 in sales.

  1. Basic plan: $99/Lifetime
  2. Starter Plan: $199/Lifetime
  3. No Brainer Plan: $499/Lifetime

Now let’s see other Platforms for Course creators, i.e. Teachable 

2. Teachable

Teachable - Online Course Platform

Teachable is the top online course platform for creators and students due to its features. It gives a chance to create free courses at the initial stages. But you need to take a paid version to create more courses. It has a great attachment to people as they cannot write single-line code for creating.

Another advantage for creators is that they can sell e-books and their courses. Using this creative platform, you can conduct many useful workshops and conferences. They too conduct a few workshops, and seminars and give a chance to everyone to share their knowledge and experience with all.

By 2022 more than 100,000 creators had used Teachable and transformed their knowledge into world-class courses.

Now let’s see a few pros and cons of a teachable platform:

Pros of Teachable:

  • It is cost effective
  • Easy to use and manage.
  • You will see more advanced features.

Cons of Teachable:

  • The main drawback of Teachable is that it does not provide any call support.
  • Even it does not help you during migration.
  • You can get chat support only if you take paid plans.
  1. Free plan: $0
  2. Basic Plan: $29/month
  3. Pro Plan: $99/month
  4. Business plan: $249/month

Now let’s see other Platforms for Course creators, i.e. Thinkific

3. Thinkific:

thinkific - Online course platform

Thinkific is also one of the online course platforms with customized quizzes, assignments, and different community forums. With the help of this platform, you can quickly create, design, and sell the course. You get security for all your courses and do not charge any transaction fee. It allows everyone to create a free first course at the initial stage. You can receive the best support from the team.

Till now Thinkific customer support team has 200000+ customer questions answered

Now let’s see its pros and cons:

Pros of Thinkific:

  • It provides quality courses along with customized quizzes.
  • Zero transaction fee
  • You will get quick payouts
  • It gives great security support

Cons of Thinkific:

  • Very limit payments
  • For EU VAT management, you cannot get support
  • Very slow reporting tools
  1. Free Plan (for test Driving): $0
  2. Basic Plan (Early Starter): $39/month
  3. Pro Plan (Most Popular): $79/month
  4. Premier Plan (Time to Scale): $399/month

Now let’s see other Platforms for Course creators, i.e. Udemy

4. Udemy:


Udemy is one of the top online course platforms due to 20000 plus instructors along with two million-plus students. Another interesting thing is that you can handle this platform with a smartphone. It also provides free basic version courses to all students.

Now let’s see its pros and cons:

Pros of Udemy:

  • Easy to use and manage.
  • It gives free courses for basic courses.
  • It has a lucid interface.
  • You will get the best support from all team members.

Cons of Udemy:

  • Its plans are very expensive.
  • It can charge more transaction fees.
  • You can be unsatisfied with zero eye-catching features.

5. Kajabi:


Kajabi is an excellent and top online course creator. It is a package tool available in the market. You can get support from the initial stage of building a course to video hosting. It also helps you create creative landing pages and funnels. Even some other features like controlling through smartphone, drag and drop option, quick response etc., engage many audiences. But Kajabi pricing is very expensive compared with other online course platforms.

Till now Kajabi has empowered over 60,000+ knowledge entrepreneurs and Creators in 100+ countries to serve 50+ million students and make over $2.6 billion in sales.

Now let’s see its pros and cons:


Pros of Kajabi:

  • It is an all-in-one package tool for both course creation and marketing.
  • It provides attractive themes and customization features to use
  • You can handle both Android and IOS devices.
  • Friendly supporting team.
  • It has more in-build tools for sales pipeline and marketing.

Cons of Kajabi:

  • Its plans are very expensive to buy.
  • It does not contribute a native certificate
  • No EU VAT support.
  • Fewer analysis tools.
Kajabi Pricing:
  1. Basic Plan: $149/month
  2. Growth Plane: $199/month
  3. Pro Plan: $399/month

Now let’s see other Platforms for Course creators, i.e. Podia

6. Podia:


Podia is the Best Online Course Platform with all-in-one package tools. It allows each creator to create using many advanced techniques. 

You will get 24/7 support from all team members. It gives huge latest courses along with different audio lessons, video, and multimedia lecture support.

Other features like lucid interface, immense hosting, vast storage, zero transaction fee, huge third-party integrations, a vast band with no fee for any migration, perfect supporting team, quick payouts, live chat communication, etc., attracted everyone to select podia platform for both teaching and learning. Podia pricing is also a little high compared with other online course platforms.

Now let’s see the pros and cons:

Pros of Podia:

  • It has a lucid interface along with an excellent course player.
  • No transaction, migration charges
  • It gives you a live chat option, and you can easily access data.

Cons of Podia:

  • It cannot favor certificates.
  • It cannot contribute to quizzes
  • You cannot build your own website.
  • You cannot handle it through a smartphone.
  • It has very basic analysis and reporting tools.
Podia Pricing:
  1. Mover Plan: $39/month
  2. Shaker Plan: $89/month
  3. EarthQuaker Plan: $199/month

Now let’s see other Platforms for Course creators, i.e. TalentLMS

7. Talent LMS:


TalentLMS is one of the excellent and best online course platforms as it is a configurable cloud-hosted e-learning management platform. It is a perfect platform, especially for companies who frequently give training to their employees, and regularly conduct seminars. It is primarily built for companies aiming for their employees’ growth with the latest updates.

Since launching in 2012, TalentLMS has empowered over 10,000+ creators and served 11 million people.

Let us see the pros and cons:

Pros of Talent LMS:

  • Every user can get a good experience as the user interface is lucid.
  • Excellent design for all e-learning courses
  • you can receive a certification.

Cons of Talent LMS:

  • You feel a little bit hard while course categorization
  • Data analytics in each course is tough to refine.
  • Drop out of ratio boards and many course boards.


We use all the above-mentioned platforms and provide information according to our personal experiences while using them. Obviously, it’s your turn to choose one of those best tools that exactly suits you.


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