Top 11 Teachable Alternatives for Course Creators in 2023


This article will clearly explain the Teachable alternatives. Teachable is the best course creation platform in these current conditions. It’s one of the great options, especially for beginners, because it doesn’t need more coding knowledge. You can even start for free and create different courses as you wish, with absolutely no other restrictions.

Teachable allows users to quality courses, sell eBooks and other services alongside their lessons, and even you can set up workshops or conferences. You can also attend many teachable events to learn more about selling your knowledge to students.

Benefits of Teachable:

The following are the benefits of teachable:

  • Create as many various courses as you wish and like
  • It does not need any technical knowledge or coding required
  • It is free to start
  • Quality courses and selling different digital products
  • Lots of community help or support and events
  • Easy to use the back-end environment
  • Design straightforward sales funnels

Best Teachable Alternatives:

If Teachable is not the right choice for your e-learning courses — don’t worry. There are still many other options are there.

The following are some of the best Teachable alternatives to you try:

1. Teachable Alternatives: FreshLearn:


FreshLearn is a no-code platform to create and sell various courses under our own personalized online digital storefront within less than 60 minutes.

FreshLearn is nothing but a learning management system that helps a brand build and organize eLearning experiences, and improves both product and industry knowledge. Create the Culture of Learning with this fresh LMS Learning Experience Platform. Build Online School for yourself or an LMS for your respective organization in just a few clicks. FreshLearn is one the best Teachable Alternative.


  • 10 GB per account/author
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited students
  • Three hosted videos per landing page
  • Unlimited payments
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Course Builder
  • Video embedding
  • Quizzes
  • Certifications
  • Integrations
  • Mobile-ready
  • Payments
  • Gamification
  • Reviews
  • Collaboration
  • Zapier integration
  • Languages
  • REST API’s


  • Free Plan: $0 (Always Free best for new Creators)
  • Starter Plan: $39/month or $29/month (billed annually) (Best for Growing Creators))
  • Unlimited Plan: $79/month or $59/month (billed annually) (Best for Scaling Fast Creators)

2. DomainRacer: Best LMS Hosting Competitor To Teachable

domainracer-top-teachable-alternativeDomainRacer is the most comprehensive and holistic learning management platform. Those allow entrepreneurs to design, build, sell, and market their digital courses. Top class in providing everything you essentially need to launch and manage an online course. Tired of lots of useless providers, then go now with the finest eCommerce hosting websites. DomainRacer is strong enough to be the best Teachable alternative in 2023.

If you are willing to have a complete bunch (all-in-one) solution to create and launch a powerful learning class. Then DomainRacer is a distinctly compatible one to meet the whole online education need.

It doesn’t mean at what size enterprise you’re running. Here you have a good chance to launch your venture with better implementation administration and documentation. Their handy resources help in easy tracking and recording your digital product.DomainRacer is a straightforward solution, an ideal Teachable competitor for course developers.


Have a look at viable Teachable Options: DomainRacer

  • Provision for Live Virtual Classes with Zoom Integration
  • Simply Specified Few Click Set-Up of Training Hub
  • High-quality Video Conferencing and Webinars
  • Intuitive cPanel interface and Amazing Course Player
  • Private YouTube platform with Robust Functionality
  • Dedicated Support for Online Quizzes and Games
  • 21x Faster Powerful LiteSpeed Cache Technology
  • In-Built Tools for Easy Installation Process
  • All Possible Payment Gateway Options
  • Flexible Self Hosted LMS Solution


#1 Solution:  $6.99/ month (Single Website) (Unlimited Storage, Free SSL, LiteSpeed, Private Video Solution)

Multisite Host: $11.99/month (Up to 5 Websites) (Unlimited Storage, Free SSL, LiteSpeed, Private Video Solution)

3.Teachable Alternatives: Thinkific:


Thinkific is one of the powerful Alternatives to Teachable online education platforms, with personalized assignments, community forums, and many advanced quizzes. These are all things you don’t get from Teachable. Thinkific and Teachable have a slight overlap in usability, even though Thinkific contains a lack of access to both email marketing and funnel builder.

However, both Teachable, and Thinkific gives access to different types of course content, including video, PDFs, and text quizzes. In addition, you can finish your course content over time, and you can build a custom website for your respective education brand.

Thinkific benefits from no transaction fees, and you can also get payments from your courses instantly. A free plan makes you build your first course, but you need to sign up for a paid plan if you want to host different courses. Unlike Teachable, you do not get any live chat support with Thinkific, and the analytics and checkout options are very limited.


The following are the pros of FreshLearn, which is one of the Best Teachable Alternatives:

  • Great support for quizzes and unique course content
  • Policy features for your course security
  • A standalone community that helps and supports you a lot
  • No transaction fees for any plan
  • A powerful and best site and page builder technology
  • Rapid and easy payout


The following are the cons of FreshLearn, which is an Alternative to Teachable:

  • Lacks teachable’s live chat feature
  • No other support for EU VAT management
  • Limited payment options
  • Very few analytics tools compared to Teachable
  • Teachable contains a better checkout process.


  • Free Plan: $0 (Core Features Plus)
  • Basic Plan: $39/month (Free Features Plus)
  • Pro Plan: $79/month (Basic Features Plus)
  • Premier Plan: $399 (Pro Features Plus)

4. Kajabi:


Kajabi is only the best all-in-one tool for both course creation and selling in today’s market. It provides support with things from online course building to video hosting and marketing tools. Kajabi will also help with creating landing pages or funnels.

There are many features available from Kajabi which attract people to your courses compared to Teachable. Also, you can control elements of your course by using your smartphone. Kajabi, unlike Teachable, also provides you to build an entire blog and your branding website alongside your course.

Kajabi pricing is very expensive than Teachable, with a basic plan starting at $119 per month compared to $39 for Teachable. However, it does come with many functionalities, including sales pipeline tools, and with no transaction fees. Unfortunately, Kajabi doesn’t give access to you to create native certificates for your students.


The following are the Pros of Kajabi:

  • Best all-in-one solution for course building and marketing
  • Different themes and customization options to select from
  • Both Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Getting a Blog and website
  • In-built tools available for both sales pipeline and marketing
  • Best customer support


  • Very expensive
  • No support for getting the native certificate.
  • No support for EU VAT 
  • Very limited course reporting tools


  • Basic: $149/month or $119/month (billed annually) (unlimited landing pages, unlimited marketing email, 10,000 contacts)
  • Growth: $199/month or $159/month (billed annually) (10 user admins, 25,000 contacts, quizzes, and surveys)
  • Pro: $399/month or $319/month (billed annually) (25 admins, advanced automation, white labeling)

5. Podia:

Best Teachable Alternative

Even though Teachable is the best tool, it lacks features that any other company like Podia provides. By using Podia, you can get access to different advanced course creation techniques, along with multimedia lecture support, video and audio lessons, and stunning course players.

Podia also offers various tools for all membership sites. For example, you can create individual one-off posts for the audience and connect with many customers by live chat. In addition, there is an option to buy buttons on different external websites to make it easier to drive many students back to your e-learning.

One of the most benefits of Podia is that it allows you to migrate information into the platform for free. The Customer service provided by Podia is the best. Podia pricing is a little more cost nearly $79 for the plan with many features, but you do get in some areas too. However, Teachable offers a flexible course-building tool, VAT support, and affiliate services that you did not get with Podia.


  • Intuitive interface and best course player
  • Membership features to increase student engagement
  • Live chat feature for interactions between customers and 
  • Brand 
  • Free migration along with easy access to data
  • Friendly support from the customer service team
  • No transaction fees


  • No certificates and quizzes
  • Not applicable for smartphone applications
  • Contains basic analytics and reporting tools
  • It does not support VAT 
  • You cannot build a website


  • Mover: $39/month or $32.50/month (billed annually) (custom website, webinars, email marketing tool, affiliate marketing)
  • Shaker: $79/month or $65.20/month (billed annually) (messaging, daily live Q&A, free migrations, third-party codes)

6. LearnDash:

Alternatives to Teachable

LearnDash is one of the unique alternatives to Teachable because it is a plugin for WordPress. So, if you already contain a WordPress website, you can implement course functionality using this LearnDash without starting again from scratch.

LearnDash gives you flexibility for your course creation. You also have the freedom to create a custom learning management system that will work for you and your students. To use LearnDash, you must host your website, install plugins, manage updates, and more yourself. You’ll also be responsible for finding hosting solutions for things such as videos. The news is that LearnDash comes with a one-off price that can save you many fees in the long term.


  • Excellent flexibility for course creation
  • Lots of access to extra plugins and features through WordPress
  • Flexible one-time payment pricing
  • Access to sales pipeline and marketing tools
  • Payment and transaction support included
  • Accessible to drip-feed lessons and access course protection
  • Certificates, badges, and quizzes included


  • Limited customer support
  • Requires more technical knowledge than Teachable
  • Requires external hosting options


  • Basic Plan: $159/month
  • Plus Package: $189/month
  • Pro Package: $329/month

7. LearnWorlds


  • From the list of Teachable alternatives, the LearnWorlds, which is simple, 
  • good,
  • easy-to-use, 
  • reliable

You can utilize and robust online training platform to educate the people or train your employees or simply create your course and earn money by selling courses to the required customers.

Design and create highly converting pages for products. It is very easy and more flexible on LearnWorlds to create a fast, simple, beautiful, and branded SEO-optimized website for your business.

You can earn money by selling your courses and marketing funnels if you choose an advanced pricing plan membership. This tool comes with features like upselling and Cross-sell with promotions, different plans of payments, and a variety of coupons.

LearnWorlds Features

  • Engaging and best Effective training.
  • Versatile Course Experience.
  • Best video learning.
  • Build a Website.
  •  You can create your ebook.
  • Get different Criteria Of Service.
  • Unlimited different Courses
  • Video Library


  • Starter: $29/month or $24/month (billed annually)(unlimited courses, custom domain, drip courses)
  • Pro Trainer: $99/month or $79/month (billed annually) (no transaction fees, five admins/instructors, custom certificates)
  • Learning Center: $299/month or $249/month (billed annually) (20 admins/instructors, interactive video course content, affiliate management)

8. Teachery


Teachery is the only platform that helps you craft the content inside your online course.” 

Teachery provides you with two-course templates, and they are a “minimal” template and a sidebar template. It guides you for each step for getting your content into the template and set up to sell easily. 

Teachery props:

  • user-friendly
  • more accessible
  • easy and simple design


  • Monthly Plan: $49
  • Yearly Plane: $470 (20% savings)

9. Skilljar


Skilljar is a Customer Training Platform for Enterprises for Customer retention and onboarding. Skilljar platform is built for external education and is provided with the tools for evaluating the content, learner progress, and business impact. In addition, it has Security and support features on an enterprise scale.

Skilljar features include Native data and analytics module that provides business impact measures and learner progress and consolidation of learning data with business intelligence tools.

Skilljar provides flexibility and variety in content type and authoring tools, including a quizzing engine. Skilljar also provides an assessment tool for course completion certificates.


  • Training & Onboarding 
  • Engagement Management 
  • Content Management
  • Features like personalization, Recording, DashboardBusiness Acquire Customers

10. TalentLMS:

Talent LMS

TalentLMS is a highly configurable cloud-hosted learning management system. It helps users to simplify online seminars, different courses, and other training programs. It is Built for different businesses, and this platform is best for companies that provide continuing education for employees, especially for their career growth.

Like most LMS solutions, this software offers robust course creation tools that can adapt to the various requirements of your eLearning program.


  • The user experience is good, and the user interface
  • simple design for learning course
  • Certification design


  • difficult in course categorization
  • Data analytics on course user history could be more refined.
  • Drop-out ratio and course boards.


  • Free Plan: $0 (Up to 5 users, Up to 10 Courses, Unlimited Email Support)
  • Starter: $79/month or $59/month (billed annually)(Up to 40Users, Unlimited courses, Unlimited Email Support)
  • Basic Plan: $159/month or $129/month (billed annually) (Up to 100 Users, Unlimited Courses, Unlimited Email Support, Single Sign-on Support)
  • Plus Plan: $329/month or $249/month (billed annually) (Up to 500 Users, Custom Reports, Automations, Success Manager, SSL for your Custom Domain)
  • Premium Plan: $529/month or $429/month (billed annually) (Up to 1000 Users, Live Chat Support)

11. Zenler


The New Zenler is the best alternative teachable, containing tools for creation like the Teachable, Thinkific, and Podia. This platform is a course builder online and a learning management system that helps plan, design, publish and host courses for its users in a well-structured manner.

The primary aim is to offer an ecosystem similar to the classroom setup for all educators, professionals, and students. With this new and improved New Zenler available in the market, the platform provides user-friendly and simple solutions for course creators. 


  • You also get comprehensive community-building attributes. 
  • The pricing options are pretty accessible on the platform. 
  • The platform lets dynamic tracking of progress for the audience.
  • Unlimited Students
  • Advanced Page HTML/CSS Editing


  • The platform has a slightly steep learning curve.
  • It takes time to set the platform up. 
  • It does not have a mobile app feature.


  • Pro Plan: $67/ Month or $54/month (Billed Annually)
  • Premium Plan: $197/Month or $120/month ( Billed Annually)


Post For Success after researching and providing the above entire information, you will get the best idea regarding Teachable Alternatives. So you can buy the product according to the above information that fulfills all your requirements. The above-mentioned are the best Teachable alternatives in the present market.


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