Top 11 Education Conferences To Watch Out for In 2022


Education conferences are a significant part of the global education ecosystem. It unites international educationists, teachers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and other delegates under one roof to brainstorm ideas for mutual concerns. 

Whether you are a student, running a small-scale teaching business, or a founder of a multi-billion educational firm, conferences can enhance your knowledge, optimize your thinking capabilities, increase your work productivity, and give you priceless insights about trendy topics around the world. 

Suppose you want to get global exposure, networking opportunities with top-tier professionals, one-on-one interaction with renowned education experts, or panel discussions. In that case, it’s high time to enroll for an upcoming education summit in 2022.

Want to know which education conferences you should attend this year? Your quest is over!

Here is a list of upcoming education conferences in 2022 that you can attend to scale up your personal and professional life:- 

Top 11 Education Conferences

Model Schools Conference 2022

(June 26–29, 2022 | Orlando)

Education Conference

After successfully completing 30 years, the conference is set up to change the game for the education industry and take it to the next level! MSC is focused on promoting enduring, worthwhile habits that will enable students to achieve their full potential on all fronts—intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Breaking physical boundaries, now this conference is available in a hybrid form, making it more accessible to leaders all across the world to participate and make the most out of it. 

Online Teaching Conference 

(June 29 to July 1, 2022, | Virtual Meet)

education conferences in 2022

Online Teaching Conference, funded by California Community Colleges, is a top-notch online event for innovative and exclusive leaders who are building pathways for sustainable online teaching development. Teachers get the chance to network with peers, interact, share information, impart and receive best teaching practices, and advance their careers at the Online Teaching Conference.

School Climate & Culture Forum

(July 5–9, 2022 | Las Vegas)

Online Education

Although scholars find it difficult to clearly define and separate the words, educators concur that in order to enhance academic achievements, both “climate” and “culture” must be changed.

This multi-day event gives teachers, learners, administrators, counselors, and other professional educators the chance to learn about fresh ideas and tactics for reaching and educating children. This gathering showcases effective, real-world efforts that strongly improve educational institutions’ standards, temperament, and personality.

Education 2.0 Conference

(16-18 December 2022 | Dubai)   (19-21 December 2022 | Las Vegas)

Education Conference

This premium three-day knowledge-intensive event not only grasps challenges for current scenarios but also promises to discuss unique approaches and models for creating pathways for the future education industry.

In the upcoming winter edition of the Education 2.0 Conference, world-class educationists will shed light on competitive and hotly debated topics, including Edtech, teacher’s education programs, prevention of scams and frauds in Edtech, smart classrooms, degree spam, etc.

This education event in Vegas will be jam-packed with educational keynote addresses, panel discussions, and fireside chats centered around developments in the international education industry.

LearnOn Conference 

(21st July 2022 | Virtual Conference)

Learn on Conference

One of the best virtual education conferences, LearnOn provides free lesson plans and classroom ideas from 60+ education experts, E-meets, interaction sessions, and network with other well-known teachers and district officials who are committed to whole-child learning. Celebrating their three anniversary, they will give certificates for 4 hours of professional enhancement training.  

Chicago National Conference

(July 21–23, 2022 | Chicago)

E Learning

This in-person, three-day conference revolves around science and STEM education, along with lively exhibits showcasing the most recent teaching resources and techniques; there will be exciting discussions on fostering scientific literacy in STEM classrooms. It promises to provide network opportunities, discussion rounds, speaker sessions, and much more. Educators will discuss new curriculums for science at this upcoming education conference. 

Visible Learning Conference

(July 25–28, 2022 | Aurora, Colorado)

Crowing Education

Following the mantra- The future of learning is now, this conference is dedicated to bringing result-oriented solutions to build better and sustainable pathways for the global education industry after the recent pandemic.

The critical elements of Visible learning are teaching, leading, learning, and equity to boost the growth of students by impacting their learning capacities. The conference will be attended by highly professional educators that will brainstorm ideas on what content and skills students have to learn in this phase of the ever-evolving world. 

NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition

(September 28 to October 1, 2022, | Los Angeles)

Online Education conference

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects on this planet, and to make it easier and learnable, the NCTM conference is purely dedicated to transforming math. This event is also known as the Superbowl event of the year. Thousands of ardent mathematicians gather under one roof to collaborate, share unique ideas, and network for specific projects.

With over a thousand educational programs to pick from and attend, you can always anticipate leaving with more information and inspiration to use in your school classrooms. 

Learning Forward 2022 Annual Conference

(December 4–7, 2022 | Nashville)

Annual Conferences

This in-person conference in Tennessee brings exciting educational relevant topics which will be discussed by educational professionals at all levels, be it teachers, principals, scholars, or investors. The theme for their 2022 edition will be ‘Reimagine.’ Leaders will brainstorm practical ideas on how to reimagine the learning process for students. 

NABSE Conference

(30 November to 4 December 2022 | National Harbor, Maryland)

Online Learning

NABSE will complete its tremendous half-century this year as a leading name in the world of education conferences. The conference governs with the principle- education is a civil right. Celebrating its successful 50th year, the leading nonprofit organization in the country, NABSE, is committed to enhancing black children’s academic performance.

Attend the conference to network with other members and friends and get to see more than 200 exhibitions.

Reading, Literacy & Learning Conference

(10-12 November 2022 | San Antonio, Texas)

Annual Coference

This conference is not to be missed by people looking to attend an event related to dyslexia. Dyslexia is a learning disorder that happens due to difficulty in reading. This uniquely-designed hybrid conference will bring award-winning speakers to the limelight to discuss well-structured sessions on dyslexia for professionals, families, and anyone affected with this disease.

Final Thoughts

Not all education conferences are meant for you, and choosing the correct type of education conference is the first step toward your growth. The above-mentioned education conferences are consciously handpicked by assessing their reviews, experiences, and various other factors. The education industry is essential for human literacy; attending conferences will keep you in touch with the latest trends in the world of education and how you can evolve in this ever-changing industry.

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